Cardinal Virtue
Cardinal Virtue
Owner: Slash Killamara
Price: Unknown
Debut: Unknown
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Destructive Moon Unknown

Cardinal Virtue is a Axe Sword that was found by Slash in the events after the Unversed Invasion in Castle Cornelia.


The Cardinal Virtue has a han blue color and has a black and gold semi-circle set in its pommel. The counterweight and blade are separated by a gold cross with a silver border and a red diamond in each of its side arms. The counterweight and blade, when viewed together, resemble a misshapen "X", the upper right blade longer than the others. The counterweight is quite long and has an indentation halfway down its length. It is black with gold edges, a flat tip, two red semi-circles decorating its lower edge, and a thin red line decorating the upper half. The blade is even longer and has an indentation roughly three-fourths of the way down its length. It too is mostly black with gold edges. It also shares the thin, red line decorating its top half. Its upper edge sports two semi-circular notches, while the tip is flat and flares outward.




  • This weapon is originally used by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.
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