Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Unversed
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7'0"
Weight 200 lbs.
World of Origin Keyblade Graveyard
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Darkness
Family Slash Killamara (Genetic Material)

Chaos is the Unversed clone of Slash Killamara created by Master Xehanort.


Chaos was created by Master Xehanort as he combined the darkness from Vanitas and a sample of Slash's blood. Soon after his creation, he was encountered by King Mickey who he fought against and managed to win but King Mickey managed to escape by his Star Shard activating before Chaos was able to deliver the finishing blow.


Even through he is the clone of Slash Killamara. Chaos only shares a similar face and body build to Slash. He has golden blonde hair that goes down to his butt and has blood red eyes. He has tan skin, has a scar in the shape of the Unversed symbol on his back and two markings near his neck that appear to the eye markings of a Unversed.

He wears bronze looking armor that is similar to Keyblade Armor that Master Xehanort used to wear, except for the helmet.


Through being a Unversed and clone of Slash Killamara, Chaos has many destructive and powerful abilities.

Darkness Manipulation

Being a Unversed, Chaos has a natural ability to manipulate the element of darkness in many different ways. He is able to mold darkness into almost any shape that he wishes.


Superhuman Strength

Chaos have shown that he has superhuman class strength as he was easily able to lift a boulder that was bigger than himself.


Golden Emperor

This is his trademark keyblade that was created soon after Chaos' creation. It seems to be a keyblade of darkness, other than that, there is no more info on this keyblade.


  • Chaos is named after the villain of the same name from Final Fantasy.
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