Garuru KB
Owner: Sabrina
Price: Unknown
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: ??
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Merc with the Mouth Unknown

Garuru KB is the unique keyblade belonging to Sabrina.


The combined form of Sabrina's keyblade Millennium Wish and her partner Garurumon that takes on the form of a longsword-like sword where it keeps the keyblade's black metallic hand guard and black handle as the hilt is now Garurumon's head with a huge black blade coming out of his mouth and the keychain is now the Astral Tear.



This DigiXros form is the results of combining Garurumon with Sabrina's keyblade and the artifact known as the Astral Tear.


  • Garuru comes from Garurumon and KB stands for Keyblade.
  • This is the first DigiXros weapon to be featured on Kingdom Hearts Fanfic Wiki.
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