Leina Vance

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Title Exiled Warrior
Birthdate Unknown
World of Origin Bladepolis
Occupation Wandering Warrior
Princess (Formerly)
Alignment Light
Family Count Vance (Father)
Claudette Vance (Older Sister)
Elina Vance (Younger Sister)

Leina Vance is the middle daughter of Count Vance the current ruler of the Vance family.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Leina seems to be very skilled with using her sword in combination with her unique shaped shield that looks a lot like shuriken-like weapon.

Weapons Edit

Brave Sword and Wisdom ShieldEdit

This sword and shield set are the weapons that Leina uses in combat, which have been passed down to her from her mother.


  • Leina is originally from the Queen's Blade series.
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