Meteor Knuckle
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User(s) Tifa Lockhart
Class Melee
Type Special Technique
Element N/A
Debut Legend of the Silver Devil

Meteor Knuckle is a special technique invented by Tifa Lockhart.


Tifa will punch the ground to create a powerful shockwave of ki energy coming from her fist.


Fighting-Style Based:
Magic Based: Bakuga | Twister | Divine Spear | Gravija | Photon | Flare Storm | Thundaja Stream
Material Based:
Weapon Based: Zantetsuken
Mode Change Based:
Technique Based: Shadowstep Technique | Tri-Point Thundaga | Kiss of Death | Luz do Norte | Meteor Knuckle | Iainuki | Dokugiri | Shōsen Jutsu | Senbonkushi
Inborn Trait Based:
Unique Object Based:
Summoning Based:

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