Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Species Genetic Experiment
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7'0"
Weight Unknown
World of Origin Raccoon City
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Darkness
Family Unknown
Weapon Ifrit A.T.W.

Nemesis-T02 is a monstrous being that Slash encountered in Slash Killamara Vs. Nemesis-T02.


Its past before encountering Slash Killamara in the world of Raccoon City still remains unknown. It seems that it was looking for a organization called S.T.A.R.S. and mistaken Slash for one of its members, which resulted in it fighting with Slash.

After fighting with Slash for a while, it was blasted into a building with a destructive spell called Ultima by Slash. It managed to survive the spell's explosive strength and chased after Slash to the park where it managed to grab onto the Ragnarok as it was launching off.

But the Nemesis-T02 ended up being hurled off of the airship's cannon and being destroyed a energy beam fired from the charged particle cannon.


Genetic AbilitiesEdit

Through being a genetic experiment, the Nemesis-T02 has destructive strength and durability. Its durability is strong enough to withstand a Ultima spell casted by Slash Killamara. Its strength allowed it to hold and use a bazooka of massive size and weight with great skill.

Also the Nemesis-T02 has a series of tentacles under its flesh that it can use to grab or pierce foes.


Ifrit A.T.W.Edit

Nemesis-T02 always carries a large and heavy bazooka with itself that it is able to use with one arm. It is capable of firing destructive rockets that are capable of destroying buildings easily.

Major BattlesEdit

  • Nemesis-T02 Vs. Slash Killamara = LOST


  • Nemesis-T02 is from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
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