Royal Rangers
Legend of the Silver Devil
Led by: Tommy Oliver (LotSD)
Battled: Unversed
Teamed up with: Slash Killamara
Story Order
Chronological Order

Royal Rangers is the ranger team living in Castle Cornelia and are the elite royal guard for the castle.

Main TeamEdit

Color Role
White Tiger Tommy Oliver
Pterodactyl Kimberly Ann Hart



All of the members to this Ranger Team have a special morpher device that is equipped with a power coin that activates their transformation.


  • Saba - Trademark weapon of the White Ranger, Tommy Oliver. It is a enhanced talking sword that only Tommy can use and control.


Keyblader Based:
Heartless Based:
Nobody Based:
Villian Based: Norman Osborn's Organization
Other Based: Royal Rangers | Ghostbusters

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