Tommy Oliver

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Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate October 20th
Height 6'2"
Weight 140 lbs
World of Origin Castle Cornelia
Occupation Royal Guard
Alignment Light
Family Unknown
Weapon Saba
Power Cannon

Tommy Oliver is a young member of the Royal Guard in the world of Castle Cornelia.




Tommy seems to be extremely skilled with his enchanted sword Saba to the point of mastery. He have developed his own swordsmanship style over his years being in the Royal Guard.

Object SummoningEdit

Tommy has the ability to summon the Power Cannon and many other objects while he is in his ranger form by using his Power Sphere.



A enchanted short sword that Tommy obtained since the day that he became the White Ranger. Saba is a sentient weapon that is capable of speaking and normally has a sadistic attitude towards Tommy.

Power CannonEdit

A dragon designed energy cannon that Tommy can only summon if he is with his girlfriend Kimberly in their ranger forms. It can unleash powerful energy blasts and beams by entering their Power Spheres into it.



With the White Tiger Power Coin, Tommy is able to transform into his ranger form after shouting "Morphin' Time" and followed up by shouting "White Tiger".


White Tiger Power CoinEdit

Being the white ranger, Tommy has the White Tiger power coin that appears to be transform into the white ranger by putting it into his Morpher and doing the required things to transform.

White Power SphereEdit

One of his artifacts is the white power sphere, which has the power of the Tigerzord within it. This artifact is normally needed to summon the Power Cannon and be used as fuel for his main attack.

Major BattlesEdit

Castle CorneliaEdit

  • Tommy, Slash, Aqua, Ventus, and Residents of Castle Cornelia Vs. Unversed = Ongoing


  • Tommy Oliver is originally from the Power Rangers series.
    • He has his white ranger form.
    • Unlike his canon counterpart in the power rangers series, Tommy is still in a relationship with Kimberly in this series.
    • Also he has many weapons from other rangers that he can summon.
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