Ultima Blade
Owner: Slash Killamara
Price: Unknown
Debut: ??
Sword Chronology
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Dragonslayer Murata-tou

Ultima Blade is a greatsword used by Slash Killamara.


It has a huge golden design with ancient symbol in its blade.


This greatsword has the ability to be summoned through a golden energy similar to how keyblades are summoned. It can be used in combined attacks with spiritual energy attacks.


Through that most of the history to this weapon is unknown, it seems that it has been with Slash for a long time after he made the pact with Shinryu. In the battle with Gozer in its female form, this weapon was shattered into pieces and left behind in the world of Castle Cornelia after Slash left for the Ritual of the Keybearer to regain his keyblade abilities.


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