Vincent Valentine

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Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
World of Origin Unknown
Current Residence New Austin
Occupation Bodyguard
Alignment Light
Family Unknown
Weapon Cerberus

Vincent Valentine was a mysterious bodyguard that was hired by the Darkslate Family.




Vincent seems to be a skilled marksman with his triple barreled handgun Cerberus and has amazing aim.

Limit BreakEdit

Vincent has the ability to engulf himself in red demonic energy and transform into a powerful being. This is known as Dark Transformation.


  • Galian Beast: Vincent will transform into a bipedal lion-like creature that has amazing strength and has the ability to create and launch destructive energy spheres at his foes.



Vincent has a triple barrel handgun that he seems to very skilled with. It has a wolf and cerberus theme to its design.


  • Vincent Valentine is originally from Final Fantasy VII.

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